Breaking Bad--A beautiful butterfly with fangs

It's interesting what you can learn from TV and how it allows you to let go and find something else that was always inside you.  I've been watching episode after episode of the TV show called Breaking Bad and if you are not familiar with the show I suggest you stop reading this and start by watching season one, episode one.  Don't worry this blog will be here when you get back.  As for the admirers of this show not only is the writing excellent but the many things Bryan Cranston needs to be in this role is astonishing.  He takes on a new personality every episode combined with the multiple ones he's infected us with already.  It's a beautiful tragic metamorphosis that is a pleasure to watch...kind of like a beautiful butterfly with fangs.  Then of course, I started thinking about poetry and how in order to evolve you can't just be one thing.  You've got to put the all of you in there, not just the bits and pieces that make you look good but the things that show us where we could have been better.  I've really been focusing on performance lately and trying to make my voice and Thomas do other things, damn that shit is hard.  I'm just learning about crescendo and personality and if  you fuse the two you get a much more cohesive performance but a not so cohesive explanation of why.  I'm starting to write from the perspective of the words leading me and I not so much leading the words.  You've got to let go.  To be all things, you've got to let go.