heart-felt stories need popular actors to sell not hearts

Went to see Wes Anderson's "Moonlight Kingdom" the other night.  It was a great, sweet and endearing film starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDermott, Edward Norton and a whole lot of children.  The movie takes place in the 60's in some made up world that only can be found in the head of Wes Anderson and that made up world is New England.  It's about two young kids who find each other and grow in each other's love.  The setting has a boy scout flavor to it which really adds to the story but I have a problem with the cast.  Usually Wes Anderson movies have an ensemble cast, each having their own significant stamp on the story but here anyone of the adult leads could have been played by lesser known actors because they were not in developement the children were.  They were there to add scenery and sell the movie.  It's a shame, heart-felt stories need popular actors to sell not just hearts.  But hey what do I know, I'm just a 35-year-old unemployed poet living in his mom's house, sounds like there's a Wes Anderson movie in there, somewhere too.