"Dying flesh of dreams frightfully beaming from the moon"

"The ghastly chrome crescent moon perched in the pitch black sleep of sky watches time unwind"......I'll give you a second to take that all in.   Mmmmmmm, delicious.  That is a line from the poem by John Clinton called "Lunar Bridges", one of the many eloquent poems in our new collection, The Understanding between Foxes and Light.  This poem has such a sense of dark with just a hint of light that keeps its head above the water.  This poem has a great beat poet feel which sometimes gets lost in todays non-beat poet world.  There is also a crazy oil painting feel here reminding me of Breton or Apollinaire.  In other words, fun for the whole family.  

July 27th and 28th check us out at The New York City poetry festival on Governor's Island.  We have 3 great readers for you, Ngoma, Robert Gibbons and yours truly.  11am the festival starts, 1:50 our show starts.