Cool as Rock & Roll: An Interview with John W. Snyder

Thomas Fucaloro catches up with John W. Snyder 

John W. Snyder is a poet from Staten Island, New York. Currently an undergraduate at Hunter College, he spends his free time wearing fangs and being the coolest person ever. Find his poem "Here's to Seven Months" in our anthology The Understanding between Foxes and Lightand see him perform at our book launch at Manitobas on July 31st 2013.



John, why poetry?

JWS: Why not poetry? To me it just made sense. It's like the highest form of communication and I'm a sucker for words.

TF: In your poem “Here’s to Seven Months”, what are you referring to and why?

JWS: "Here'sto Seven Months" was written immediately after a seven month period of sobriety. Obviously that didn't work out. At first there was a lot of bitterness about the whole thing but in the end it was a good exercise in humility.

TF: I love the line “Die like a match". Has the light gone out on you already?

JWS: I wouldn't say it's gone out. It might be sputtering.

TF: Was this a free write first? It seems it.

JWS: Indeed! I wouldn't say there's anything not free about this write.

TF: I believe this is your first published poem….how does that feel?

JWS: It's actually my second published piece but I can’t lie, it's pretty gratifying. Art can be its own reward but when someone else recognizes you for it that means the art did its job. It resonated with someone.

TF: Who have you been reading lately and why?

JWS: The last poet I read was Mahmoud Darwish. His stuff is so loaded spiritually, it’s refreshing.

TF: What do you want to happen eventually with your poetry? How do you want it to evolve?

JWS: I want my poetry to be something anyone can see themselves in. When I read poetry I crave most to see myself in the piece. Eventually I want all poetry to be as cool as rock & roll. Like if some chick passed by a poet on the street, she’d have to ask for his signature on her boobs. If I can do anything to help that along I will.

TF: What’s next for John W. Snyder?

JWS: Hopefully I just keep getting myself out there.

John's poem “Here’s to Seven Months” is published in our collection The Understanding between Foxes and Light

John will be performing at our book launch at Manitobas on July 31st 2013 with fellow anthology contributors Mariel Pauline, Puma Perl, and Frank Simone, plus editor Jane Ormerod and special guest Joe Roarty.