The Other Side of Violet



This is the other side of expectation. This is the other side of memory. This is The Other Side of Violet.


The Other Side of Violet is an exhilarating collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond. The anthology also contains interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Paul Harding and award-winning poet and novelist Tim Z. Hernandez.

"Read The Other Side of Violet to discover seasoned writers and new literary energizers."
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We are thrilled that Hala Alyan's work "Armadillo" included in this anthology is a 2018 Best Small Fiction Winner and Trace DePass "[requiem] for the boy telling of the time his body was not his" and Nkosi Nkululeko "Acknowledgments" have been selected for Bettering American Poetry Vol. 3

Contributors: Hala Alyan, E.J. Antonio, Badaweyah, C. Bain, Jessica Barksdale, Mark Blickley, Meagan Brothers, Patrick Cahill,  Yvonne Campbell, Billy Cancel, Sossity Chiricuzio, Annie Christain, Martha Clarkson, Emmitt Conklin, Chet Corey, Troy Kody Cunio, Amos Damroth, Trace DePass, Danika Dinsmore, Alexa Doran, Carol Dorf, Alice O. Duggan, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Claudia Sofia Galtes, Brad Garber, Rosie Garland, Hannah Gordon, Carol Guess, Melissa Hunter Gurney, Isa Guzman, Amie Heasley, Bob Heman, Karen Hildebrand, Matthew Hupert, Lindsay Infantino, Omotara James, Jerry T. Johnson, I.S. Jones, Emily Kaczmarek,  Kearah-Armonie, Lew Kelly, Doug Knott, Tanya Ko Hong, Wheeler Light, Geri Lipschultz, Eliel Lucero, Christopher Luna, Heather Jean Macpherson, Madeline Maienza, Cynthia Manick, Julian Mithra, Nkosi Nkululeko, Shane O' Hanlon, Yuko Otomo, Peggy Robles-Alvarado, Karl Roulston, C. C. Russell, Ken Saffran, Rebecca Schumejda, Raena Shirali, G. G. Silverman, Joolz Sparkes, Amy Jo Trier-Walker, Jacob Victorine, Chad Weeden, Beau Williams, Roddy Williams, and Müesser Yeniay.

David Lawton interviews Paul Harding

Daniel Dissinger interviews Tim Z. Hernandez

Cover painting by Venus DeMars

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