C. Bain




Finalist for the 2016  Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature

C. Bain's extraordinary first full-length collection Debridement echoes a body lost in motion. With a fearlessness at times shocking to the reader, Bain delivers the powerful punch which comes from trying to figure out who you are in a world not always built for that. Through humor, compassion, darkness, the dead and disappearing bodies, a shining light of a hope of something more appears.  To debride is to remove the damaged flesh from a wound. Bain refuses to allow experience to rot within. His words tear, splice, lure, shift, to allow an exposure that leaves the reader shaken and yet honored to be a part of.

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Buy Debridement. Read it, fight with it, love it. Give it to people you care about. You need it. We all do. —Jay Besemer, PANK    read full review


Under his original (female) pronoun, Bain published many chapbooks that spoke heavily to early struggles of living with a forced feminized identity. Now a gender-nonconforming writer, Bain has come out with a stunning stinger of a book, a collection that carries all the swelling emotion of someone who is in a constant state of rebirth.—Amber Tamblyn, Bust Magazine


Bain's poetry is an assault, it is battery, it is bawdy and it is beautiful like a matador's coup de grace....(His) swath cuts across political, sexual and social boundaries. These are exactly the sort of poems we need more of. —Michael Dennis, Today's Book of Poetryread full review


Corrina Bain writes poems as mean as the headlines, as true as a scalpel. To debride is to tear away the rotted, so everything can heal. Corrina Bain knows that what looks like savagery can be salvation, and has written us love poems from the church of the wound.  Bone-heavy and scalpel sharp, read these poems, let the poison flow, and celebrate the beating, beating heart. —Daphne Gottlieb, author of "15 Ways to Stay Alive"


Corrina Bain's long-anticipated first collection, Debridement, shows what's possible in poetry when you pour enough blood into the page and craft what rises to the surface. With a formal inventiveness that serves the brute bravery of this work, these poems have no qualm reaching down your throat and pulling out your living heart just to say look at it, look. Look. — Sam Sax, NEA Fellow, author of "sad boy / detective"  and "A Guide to Undressing Your Monsters"


Bain is a master of crafting devastating lines and images. —CL Bledsoe, The Pedestal read full review


Corrina Bain writes with utter fearlessness. These poems unveil an intoxicating examination of body and its complicated—often unhinged and relentless—affair with the mind, how inextricable the two. Here, the body's boundlessness and betrayal. Here, too, the mind's. Debridement is exactly that: a probe into what must be eradicated in an effort to survive. All this, Bain sees and sees. Among these texts, an unblinking sight.—Jeanann Verlee, author of "Said the Manic to the Muse" and "Racing Hummingbirds"



C. Bain is a gender non-conforming writer, performer, and teaching artist. He is a former member and coach of multiple national-level poetry slam teams. His writing has appeared in anthologies and journals such as Muzzle MagazinePANKA Face to Meet the Faces, and the Everyman's Library book Villanelles. C.'s work engages the nuances of the body as a source of identity, pleasure, betrayal, and shame. While deeply rooted in the personal and specific, his vision extends to encompass history, mythology, and politics. No injustice, hypocrisy, or human weakness escapes this poet’s gaze, especially his own. Searching beyond violence, he suggests there is power in trusting the body’s wisdom, in witnessing suffering, and in speaking what you do not dare to say. Currently, C. lives in Brooklyn where he practices roundhouse kicks, twerking, and emergency psychiatric counseling.


Corrina Bain, Debridement


Publication date May 1st 2015


ISBN: 978-0-9857317-5-5

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