I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand



"Some of the pieces in here are simply lovely. Some are thought-provoking and challenge the reader to examine an idea or a mind-set or a way of being. Some are simple and lyrical, some clever and witty." - San Francisco Book Review

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Writers who let go of more than just stars...

I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand is a fearless, dynamic collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond. The anthology also includes an interview with John Sinclair - the legendary jazz/blues poet, former manager of the MC5, radio host, and activist.

From "Th. LinkedIn e.Address" to the "Department of Homeland Insecurity", from "The Moon's Backyard" to "Solar Cemetery",  "The Builder of Holes"  to "In the Pitch Bright Darkness", follow, catch, and be dazzled.

Contributors:  Eric Alter, John Amen, Brian Anderson, Claus Ankersen, Alex Bleecker, Dorothy Duncan Burris,  Linda Camplese, John Clinton, Rob Cook, Chet Corey, Amy Leigh Cutler, John Paul Davis, Matt Dennison, Trae Durica, Peter Fiore, Tessa Lou Fix, Rosie Garland,  Christian Georgescu, Sherry Lee Gray, Maria Gregorio, Thomas Hanchett, Tim Hanson, Aimee Herman, Vicki Iorio, Vanessa Couto Johnson, Janne Karlsson, Kit Kennedy,  Ron Kolm, Ptr Kozlowski, Farryl Last, Mercedes Lawry, Richard Loranger, Katharyn Howd Machan, Stephen Mead, Lecco Morris,  Terri Muuss, Al Ortolani, Stephanie Papa, Anthony Policano, Joseph A.W. Quintela, Vito J. Racanelli, Dan Raphael, Zack Reeves, Gayle Richardson, Joe Roarty, Evan Rosler, Nichole Santalucia, Margie Shaheed, Eric Silver, Shelby Stephenson, John W. Snyder, Bill Teitelbaum, Christine Tierney, Aaron Tillman, Zev Torres, John J. Trause, Jack Tricarico, Harlan J. Wheeler Jr, Luke Wiget, John Sibley Williams, Sarah Ann Winn, and Daniel Yaryan. Plus interview and new poem from John Sinclair, and a poem from Michael P. Geffner in our new "Awareness" section.

I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand, great weather for MEDIA 2014 ISBN: 978-0985731731 $17.00

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