the unquestioned subtleties of the face

Today we will be looking at a poem by Christian Georgescu called "imMobile" from the anthology, "It's Animal but Merciful". This poem hit home especially after the hurricane of Sandy hit because of the immobility of people without their gas.  Christian has some great wordplay in this piece that sends the reader spinning like a top with excitement such as "My face is not a Book, it is a look that can't be read, an expression that says nothing." What a magical way of saying that facebook is not the be all and end all of expression and neither are the unquestioned subtleties of the face. There is great tongue in cheek going on throughout this whole piece but it still resonates a profoundness only found in the bowels of a well written poem slipped out by the tongue. All cheeks fill with laughter.  



It's Animal but Merciful