the Greek-political-Byronized-book of cultural understanding and blue

"She is not dead she is only pretending to be dead the empty soup cans of her eyes are really lilacs they are getting ready to blossom--" from the poem Mother Earth is Not Dying by George Wallace from his book by Three Rooms Press called "EOS-Abductor of Men."  This great book came out in late 2012 and it is a monster.  Stating Byron as one of his main influences for this book it rings true in terms of grand language and the feeling of the observer, George already knows the answer, now it's time you do.  There is a huge political element to this book which some might get nervous about because politics and poetry don't always mix well but George has found a way of uniting the two into something more than political and he certainly has the poetry to back it up.  My favorite poem in the book is "Plenty of blue"  where the first line is a question, "What isn't?"  Yes.  I love the twist of language there and the feel, there is more than just politics in this book there is a lot of feeling and it bursts at the seams with flavor and taste.  Another interesting factor of this book is it is translated into Greek by Lina Sipitanou which I think adds another interesting layer to this already beautiful poetic cake.  Lord Byron died in Greece and I think that is one of the many connections you can make while reading this book.  This book screams a lot without shouting at all and if you know George Wallace it still has that great beat and rhythmic feel that I think is one of his trademarks.  So go to right now and purchase this Greek-political-Byronized-book of cultural understanding and blue.