Something in my heart says

"The throats of our writs brave lilies," Sylvia Plath.  I have been reading the bee keeper series of poems that Sylvia Plath wrote and they are exquisite.  Who knew bee keeping had so many avenues to drive recklessly down.  There are 5 poems in this series and they are very powerful, "The Bee Meeting", "The Arrival of the Bee Box", "Stings", "The Swarm" and "Wintering."  Too me, in these poems, it sounds like Plath was struggling with her own identity and her role as a woman in 1963.  "Her wings torn shawls, her long body, Rubbed of its plush--Poor and bare and unqueenly and even shameful.  I stand in a column."  This from the 3rd poem in the series called "Stings" is just a taste of Plaths endless connection with the queen bee and as you keep reading that queen becomes more and I think through this Plath was able to free herself from thoughts of what a woman should be.  Now I could be looking too deep into all this and really it could all be about bees but something in my heart says that their was some sort of sorrow or longing that came out in these 5 poems that say so much.  I highly recommend checking these poems out and let us know what you think.  "The bees are flying.  They taste the spring."