Patricia Smith joins the Great Weather for Media family

We are pleased to announce that we will have an interview and poem by the lovely Patricia Smith in are forthcoming anthology, "The Understanding between Foxes and Light."  I had a great time interviewing her, talking about her process and we talked about her new short story anthology, "Staten Island Noir."  This is a great mystery book filled with scandal and death and laughter and bad accents and rebirth on the forgotten borough.  Patricia just won the 2013 Robert L. Fish Memorial Award for her story in the book, "When They Are Done With Us."  We talk about that amazing story in the interview but if you want to check out her new book of short stories go to Akashic Books.  We are excited to have Patricia be a part of this great new anthology that will be out in September.  And for the rest of the contributors in the book we are so excited for this anthology.  We think it's our best and boldest one yet.  You made that possible.  Believe.