I need to be

So I've been reading the book "When My Brother Was an Aztec", a collection of poems by Natalie Diaz from Copper Canyon Press.  This book deals with family, roots and a brother who is addicted to meth.  This book has been flooring me.....Natalie who is Native American, really adds some great imagery and struggle through her words with so little effort.....in the title poem the first line is, "he lived in our basement and sacrificed my parents", I mean that line says so much while doing so little, it has her heritage, love for her parents and disdain for her brother all in that one line.  It takes lifetimes to find that magic in just one line when writing.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for something a little different and also if you can relate on a level of addiction.  That drew me in a lot what was going on with her brother and his struggles with drugs.  It hit me in such a way that I'm sitting here, in my bedroom of my mother's house wondering about her sacrifice and how I've taken advantage of that.  I need to be a better person.