great weather for MEDIA Pushcart Prize Nominations

great weather for MEDIA is delighted to announce the following nominations for the 2015 Pushcart Prize - Best of the Small Presses Series. These nominations are for work published in 2013.

From our anthology The Understanding between Foxes and Light

Hala AlyanDear Gaza

Thomas HenryMy Grandfather Once Told Me...

Aimee Hermanyou remember when our bones were just a slideshow to the rest of us

Ngoma Song of the Shape-Shifter

Julia VinogradFor Jack Gilbert, On Hearing He Was Dead

Amy WrightA Hammock Made of Whistles

Want a taster? Here are the first few lines...

Dear Gaza           I'm sorry  

Dear Beirut           I still love you like an arsonist

-Hala Alyan


My grandfather told me once that I'm like my uncle, that my eyes roll in my head too much

- Thomas Henry


August is the perfect month to lose one’s virginity because the night air is so dismissive to the sweat sweetly intoxicating fast-moving parts and although the mosquitoes tempted us with suggestions of an orgy, it was justus beneath the plastic swing-set held captive in her parents' backyard.

- Aimee Herman


Since the middle passage my soul's been avoiding neckties and cruise ships crucifixes and bull whips

- Ngoma


He took the clear stone island light with him into the sea of death. He took the silence where a snapping twig barked like a rifle and a bell around a goat’s neck rang like a church bell into the grave. 

- Julia Vinograd


My mother cans and my father canes. Over the summer, between gardening, they make their rounds to various flea markets and yard sales, collecting frame chairs that Dad stores in the attic for his winter projects. My mother likes chairs and my father likes tables. Theirs is a very harmonious relationship—founded and steadied on complement and opposition. A squirt of mustard, if it be all wrong for a white oxford, is delicious squirted into potato salad.

- Amy Wright

Congratulations to all our nominees and good luck!

The Understanding between Foxes and Light,great weather for MEDIA 2013

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