great weather for MEDIA Pushcart Nominations

great weather for MEDIA is delighted to announce our nominations for the 2016 Pushcart Prize – Best of the Small Presses Series.

These nominations are for work published in 2014 and were chosen from our anthologyI Let Go of the Stars in My Hand, and the collections Retrograde by Puma Perl and meant to wake up feeling  by Aimee Herman.


Linda Camplese - My Father's Gun  

Aimee Herman - quadratic equation

Ron Kolm - Bird and Me

Puma Perl - Stories from the Big Black Shoes

John W. Snyder - To the Girl Who Called Me a Faggot

John Sibley Williams - In the Pitch Bright Darkness



Want a taster? Here are the first few lines…

He was a cash and carry kind of man cash business, cashed in, cashed out carried a big, fat, American-style handgun and he was right when he thought it made him look tough.

- Linda Camplese


I used my fingers longer than it was socially acceptable. I cannot recall if it's because I clouded my brain with the smoke of drugs, but numbers and names have a difficult time remaining in me.

- Aimee Herman


I read somewhere That Charlie Parker Ate a rose.

- Ron Kolm



William Burroughs' untied shoelace cracks my morning dream.

Sad as Coca Cola and a can of Pringles.

- Puma Perl


To the girl who called me a faggot that day at Six Flags when I decided to wear

my super-fabulous. skin-tight, women's pants with yellow and pink animal print on them.

- John W. Snyder


What a strange music sounds from the dead birds frozen to the wire!

- John Sibley Williams


Congratulations to all our nominees and good luck!

Remember we are currently accepting submissions for our next collection, so send us your fearless best. Be sure to check out all our books. We look forward to reading your work.