Convergence (In Memory of Brant Lyon) - Poem by David Lawton

Sunday May 12th brings the one year anniversary of the passing of Brant Lyon, one of the founders of great weather for MEDIA and the person who gave us our name. Brant brought a crazy amount of light and love into our world, and we know he would have so appreciated all the wonderful support and encouragement received from writers, readers, audiences, venues, bookstores, and more this past year. We really feel we are following Brant's dream and building a community here at great weather for MEDIAIf you are in New York City this Sunday, come along to our weekly reading series at the Parkside Lounge and say a few words to celebrate his life or read a poem. We also have two fabulous features and we are excited to hear them and—as always—new poetic voices from the open mic. Poetry lives! Love and words matter!


(In Memory of Brant Lyon)


Everything feels so far away

Steeply rising toward the heavens

On a scavenger hunt In search of a flashback Rumored into inclination You want to retrace the steps That you never took

Outside this plane of existence

But the vastness of blue sky Holds you dumbfounded

That's the glory coming

Angels soar overhead In lazy loops Mocking our fragility With chaotic barrel rolls Leaving us helpless From knife-edge turns Casting for the vertex of their angle

Everything is synchronized for a fall

Like a sea hawk Crashing the surface of water To seize a fish An angel punches through the stratosphere To pluck a life out of being

What just happened is long gone You reach out to touch it But it is speeding away from you Screeching against the howling wind

In the cafe where I imagined myself Disappearing by never leaving The crazy lady enters for the third time Ranting something about the birds And the angry owner chases her back out Onto the crooked street.


David Lawton is the author of Sharp Blue Stream (Three Rooms Press, 2013). His poetry can also be found in the great weather for MEDIA anthology, It's Animal but Merciful. David is one of the hosts of our Spoken Word Sundays reading series.

Brant Lyon and David Lawton, San  Francisco Oct 11
Brant Lyon and David Lawton, San Francisco Oct 11