brant lyon

Because of my shitty job and the people who steal shit from my shitty job I was unable to attend the reading of our fellow editor Brant Lyon at Cornelia St. Cafe.  So I'd like to take a moment to talk about his book from three rooms press called you are white inside.  This book has seemed to pass under the radar undetected but it is a smolten of radioactive heat mixed with a nice mellow ambian.  "I hold up my hand  but not in testimony but hesitation."  Great fuckin' line.  It's lines like that which thrust me onward through the book.  His poem "Oaths", which I've seen him perform, is just as mesmerizing on paper.  The way Brant reads guided by a tone which has an almost Jefferson Airplane trippy quality and it really comes out in this particular white rabbit.  If you haven't checked out this book yet you should, but you won't find his full name on the cover.  It simply says, B. R. Lyon which I think stands for the message of this whole book, be