Beyond Baroque and the Angels - 11/11/13

Beyond Baroque
Beyond Baroque

L.A. a whirl as it always were, as it is because it spins giant cognomens in whim.  Always enjoy romping the Angels as a mad amusement lark, miles of everything everywhere & everyone at the trough at once.  What a surge, what a stomp, and what a melee of humans and more brimming the broom on a midnite spree.  So much ado and insanely haroo; I think if I lived there I'd soon become stew.  Hooray! 

Also terrif to crack the LA poetry egg once again and see what a fine image omelette (excuse me, frittata) comes out.  And Beyond Baroque the perfect skillet for a broil of skill and état d'art.  Gotta savor those verby darts!  Black box wordbomb of a space with spot-on lights and sound to burst nuance like a seedpod and gesture like the breeze.  In other words, pretty great place and worthy of its rep.

And the kidz were out in force that night, in their prime, with TINA YANG incisive intimate introspective defiant DANA BEARDSLEY CROTWELL with tumbles of images one hand in childhood the other in satire PUMA PERL of the sharp-eyed vignettes ascorbic when it counts and loving as all hell CHRISTIAN GEORGESCU's absolute language-tickle negotiating a maze of culture crass CRYSTAL LANE SWIFT's raucous guffaws at human foibles giddy & ludicrous unsidesteppable ironies of America JANE ORMEROD in darts and arrows syllabic conundra and undiluted certainties of moment and RICH FERGUSON of tumbling whitewater chants squaredances of the human con mantras of a crumbling state and freight trains of love riding us into the night.  And I did something in there too, with music or something.  Or something.  I love these folks, and am always joyed to partake of their exhuberance.  Thank you.

Now back to the Bay of St. Francis and its tech-stunned hills, and headed this Tuesday eve for Viracocha and a basement full of intoxication and bliss – that's word intoxication and word bliss, btw, so if you thought I meant a rave, I did, a rave of mind.  Puma, Jane, and I meet up with the new tour gang, the San Francisco gang for wordfun aplenty, with Mary Mackey, Kit Kennedy, and Joan Gelfand joining us for yet another spree.  Our plan:  to make San Francisco real again.  Come by and see.