Aimee Herman and how she never uses the door

There are some poets out there who think if you say the words "clitoris" or "fuck" they are being different and controversal.  When Aimee Herman does it it's necessary.  There is a difference.  There are sex poems and then there are poems of the body and Aimee certainly falls under the category of the body.  I've been to readings before and a poet will start getting very explicit and sexual and the crowd gets all into it but there is no art in it, might as well be writing Hustler letters or something.  With Aimee those kinds of innuendos are necessary because there is art involved and a unique voice.  Now Aimee's poetry has alot more layers than sex and the body but you can tell they are interests of her's.  She has a new book of poetry coming out called "To go without blinking" and she'll be premiering poems from it this friday at Side walk Cafe at 7pm (Ave. A and 6th St.)  You won't regret seeing this wonderful poet perform.  She almost makes you think she's talking about your body, which in a way she is, but she's got nothing but her body on the mind which is why she is such an important artist, she lets you in without showing you the door.