3Po3try NYC: An Interview with Mary McLaughlin Slechta

Mary McLaughlin Slechta is one of the featured artists in Hot House: A Summer Poetry Extravaganza on Thursday, July 31 @ Organic Modernism, the second in a series of events produced by 3Po3try NYC. 



What one word describes your writing style? Gravy

What's your idea of the perfect poem? Parts of it stick to the walls of your brain

What's your best writing moment? Finishing the draft, however imperfect, that blasts a hole in my head

What's your worst writing moment? Everything sounds like an untuned flute

If you could steal one line from any poem, what would it be? "To feel the earth as rough/ To all my length" (To Earthward, Robert Frost)

What time of the day do you mostly write? Morning

What do you do to get into your writing sessions? Sit in the same place and don’t move for a long, long time

What's the weirdest place you ever wrote? A haunted room in Dorset House, Vermont

What's the weirdest thing you ever wrote on? A word processor that rattled when it printed

What book changed your writing forever? Always the last book I read

What poet, dead or alive, would you like to be friends with? I’d rather stay acquainted with all of them through reading their work and stick with the few friend (poets & non-) I already have. The thought of lots of socializing, even hypothetically, makes me nervous

Do you have any writing superstitions? Nope


Mary McLaughlin Slechta is the author of Wreckage on a Watery Moon (FootHills) and two chapbooks. She’s recently published in the great weather for MEDIA anthologiesIt’s Animal but Merciful and The Understanding between Foxes and Light, and many other publications including Black Magnolias,Worker's Write, and Red Savina Review. Her adventure series with Night Owl Press is planned for release in 2014. Mary is the 2014 guest prose editor for the great weather anthology, I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand.

Hot House: A Summer Poetry Extravaganza Thursday July 31st 7:00 -10:00 pm

Organic Modernism

203 North 11th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Advance tickets (including early bird specials – deadline July 15) may be purchased here