The Understanding Between Foxes And Light

Jane Ormerod


"[BEST BOOKS FOR SEPTEMBER READING]The Understanding…offers a cross section with new American poets to meet at every turn. The prose pieces are poetic without capsizing their genre.” – Grace Cavalieri, The Washington Independent Review of Books

The Understanding between Foxes and Light is an exhilarating and diverse collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from all across the United States plus Barbados, Northern Ireland, France, and Canada. This is essential reading for everyone looking for the innovative, the reflective, and the fearless. The anthology also has an interview with Pushcart and Robert L. Fish Memorial Award winner Patricia Smith.

Contributors: Joel Allegretti, Hala Alyan, Todd Anderson, Augustus Arps, Michael Bagwell, Michelle Bonczek, J. Bradley, Billy Cancel, John Clinton, Abby Coleman, Dana Beardsley Crotwell, Steve Dalachinsky, Linda M. Deane, Donald Dewey, Stephanie Dickinson, Gabriel Don, John Dutterer, Robert Evory, Ellen Factor, Rich Ferguson and Crystal Lane Swift, Kofi Fosu Forson, Brad Garber, Kat Georges, Christian Georgescu, Robert Gibbons, Jeffrey Greene, Janet Hamill, Thomas Henry, Aimee Herman, Matthew Hupert, Giuseppe Infante, Ted Jonathan, Lydia Kang, Kit Kennedy, Sarah-Jean Krahn, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Jane LeCroy, Wayne Lee, Jean Lehrman, Christopher Luna, Kathryn Howd Machan, Mary Mackey, Jerred Metz, Lecco Morris, Rick Mullin, Larry Myers, Ngoma, Thomas O'Connell, Emily Palmisano, Mariel Pauline, Puma Perl, Lynette Reini-Grandell, Karl Roulston, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Frank Simone, Mary McLaughlin Slechta, John W. Snyder, Sherre Vernon, Julia Vinograd, Ocean Vuong, Michelle Whittaker, Gina Williams, Amy Wright, and Kirby Wright. Plus interview and new poem from Patricia Smith.


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You think I am lovely hunt, but there is a no in my moan, there is wanted rest from my soothsaying my oh my trailing thigh off in your mouth.


Plucking the Yew

It's you and your precious plans, all yellow as yesterday's camembert. All yes or no questions and camouflage.  ou and your cadmium, all of it catalogued. Everyone squinting and everything squashed. Everyone squatting in somebod's Quonset hut, the canopies covered in canapés. You and your queen-sized cot. You and your king-sized sheets, stiffly starched, and me in my marching boots. Me in my Martian hat stuck on with masking tape and you in a sailor suit, a souvenir, your jaundiced eye jammed in your putty-colored camera. You in the shoes you threw at the shaman who sold you his seat on the shuttle and me in a loose burnoose. Both of us woozy. Everything wavy. Pumice-scented suds in puddles shaped like poodles and somebody waxing polemic. Should we smother a laugh in a cough in a kerchief and saunter our way to a sojourn? I can see it now. All of the canes in racks and all of the racks in rows. All of the olives with eyes for the egrets and all of the octaves glued to the flutes. You with a tuning fork, fixing a tuna melt. Me timing goose eggs.  Both of us loaded for bear, raring to bolt.


There Are More Subtle Ways For a Body to Rebel

I pray him dead every thirteenth heartbeat, marking the anniversaries since his tongue went on holiday after learning fists are harder to ignore. He was born believing my name is Sin.

Since his tongue went on holiday— dissociate has come to mean survival. After learning fists are harder to ignore when well-placed against temples

dissociate has come to mean survival. I changed his name to Bloodhound. When well-placed against temples, my atheist soul hunting fragments of familial normalcy,

I changed his name to Bloodhound. Tangled eternally, my spiced wickedness, my atheist soul hunting fragments of familial normalcy— I cannot bring myself to sift through his rubble.

Tangled eternally, my spiced wickedness, no match for his dead eyes. I cannot bring myself to sift through his rubble without glorifying every punch. My ache,

no match for his dead eyes, after learning fists are harder to ignore. Without glorifying every punch, my ache, I pray him dead every thirteenth heartbeat—marking the anniversaries.

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