Where we put the punk rock back into poetry and we put the poetry back in the gutter

Good afternoon Great Weather friends.  We have a great show lined up for you this Wednesday, January 23rd at Manitoba's from 7pm to 9pm, "It's animal but merciful rock and roll party part II."  Where we put the punk rock back into poetry and put poetry back in the gutter.  This event is free with happy hour drinks.  We have a great night planned by some amazing poets..... Here's a rundown with Thomas' fake bios:

1. Aimee Herman-kind of like the anti-punk punk.  Her voice is as sweet as cinnamon roses but her words are like never-ending tumors that begin to grow inside of you and before you know you believe in rainbows and mohawks.

2. Vicki Iorio-the Long Island punk.  Don't let the label of Long Island fool you this punk rock red head of destruction shall make Sandy look like a windstorm.

3. Quincy Lehr-this man's poetry just snarls attitude.  I'm pretty sure his poetic influence was Johnny Rotten's snarking lip.

4. Jane Ormerod-dirty brittish punk mixed with the sound of angels harps, being banged over the head of the monarchs.

5. George Wallace-once a Tom Jones impersonator now a wrecking ball of a poet, he also likes alcohol.

6.Puma Perl-Puma Perl once worked at Sax 5th Avenue punching customers in the face.  Now Puma works as a poet punching people in the face.


Thomas Fucaloro will be hosting so be prepared for smart-alec remarks and incomprehensible woihorihglrshlfknmfgsls.



99 Ave B (between 6th and 7th)

New York City