Two Poems: Pacific Standard March 7th Readers Amy Leigh Cutler & Donald Lev

We are excited to have two major New York area talents cross over the river with us to feature at a rockin' venue in Cobble Hill, Pacific Standard on Thursday March 7th at 7pm!! Upstate New York's former Brooklynite returns to his old stompin' grounds, DONALD LEV and NYC's own AMY LEIGH CUTLER!! Check out examples of their poetry below.

Pacific Standard is a California craft beer bar with an awesome performance space in back where you can stretch out, kick back, have a drink and soak in the poetic brilliance.

You'll have a chance to strut your stuff in an open mic as well.

Other awesomeness: It is the easiest place in the city to get to because it's a five minute walk from the Atlantic Terminal by that big rusty whale-like thing: the Barclays Center!

DIRECTIONS: So, just hop on the LIRR or the SUBWAY and it's pretty darn close to door step service! You can take the 2, 3, 4, 5, D,N,Q,R, B. DRIVERS take the BQE to Tillary St. then to Flatbush Ave. and hang a right onto 4th Ave.


$2 suggested donation


by Amy Leigh Cutler

While Paris was drunk on the revolution Picasso was in Madrid.

Young and wild with women and paints, everything vivid

until his brother of revelry, his sweet Casagemas, broke their bond with a bullet.

The death of an artist is just an arbitrary shutting down of cellular functions;

Artists live through death.

But the bang of unrequited love shook the walls of L’Hippodrome Café. Montmartre wailed

and Picasso came back to paint the funeral.

Again and again he brought his friend back,

the blood less red, more black, the candle less yellow, more gold,

the burial, the memory, blue.

AMY LEIGH CUTLER is theauthor of Orange Juice and Rooftops, and two chapbooks, American Woman and You Gentle Thing.  She has toured the U.S. and U.K. and is involved in the NYC slam poetry scene. "I do what I love: collaborate, tour, and lecture with artists from all over."  The Death of Casagemas was first published in Wooster Collective's latest book, Graphite.


by Donald Lev

There are these American flags waving in a breeze, maybe from a battleship; a blue sky with smoky clouds; a sea that laps things, and rocks them more or less gently. Where am I? There was a hurricane through here yesterday but not today. It will not be the worst storm this season, which is still young. Why do I not feel young and rejoice in the sky and sea and flag of my country? Where am I? Sitting by this word processor reading a poem by Bukowski addressed to Li Po. My cat walks in at the exact same time and line Bukowski's cat walks in. Only my cat's eyes are green, not yellow. Bukowski pours a glass of 'beautiful red' wine to Li Po. I raise my can of bitter beer to Bukowski. Thereby concluding this inconclusive poem.

DONALD LEV attended Hunter College, worked in the wire rooms of the Daily News and New York Times, drove a taxi cab for 20 years, and had a brief film acting career. He also worked for The Village Voice and operated the Home Planet Bookshop on the Lower East Side. Award achievements include the Madeline Sadin Award from New York Quarterly in 1973 and a Life Time Achievement Award from the Catskill Reading Society/Outloudbooks in 2003. Donald was Distinguished Visiting Poet for the Northeast Poetry Center in Sugar Loaf, NY in 2012. In 2008 he put out The Darkness Above: Selected Poems 1968-2002. A chapbook, Only Wings: 20 Poems of Devotion was published in 2010, and a new collection, A Very Funny Fellow in 2012. Donald lives in High Falls, NY, where he spends most of his time publishing the literary tabloid Home Planet News, which he and his late wife Enid Dame founded in 1979.