tiny little guppies

And a good Monday to you all.  We would like to thank everyone who has been participating in our Great Weather Spoken Word Sunday's Open mic series at the grand Parkside Lounge on 317 Houston.  Every show has been filled with talented and exceptional poets.  This Sunday will be no exception as we feature the poetic stylings of Tsaurah Litzky and Pamela Twining.  The reading is from 4-6pm.  Starting this Sunday we shall be asking for a suggested donation of $2 for these events.  We are doing this to keep up a good repore with the bar and to help bring you more of the readings you have come to love and enjoy.  This is a suggested donation so if you can't we understand, you can still participate in the open mic but if you can help it would be well appreciated.  

Next, on Sunday March 3rd, Great Weather Spoken Word Sundays will have a themed event giving tribute to the great Tom Waits.  There is no feature so you should have a good 7-10 minutes for the open, we ask that you read Tom Waits' lyrics as poems or Tom Waits' related poetry.  Now if you can't follow this criteria we will not turn you away but we really would like for everyone to keep on theme.  (if you do not do anything Tom Waits related then you cannot have the whole 7-10 minutes for open, this is the only stipulation)


And finally, thank you everyone who has submitted work to our little press.  We have been eagerly reading them and drowning in the ocean that is your wonderful writing while tiny little guppies nibble on our eyes.