Questions our bodies need to ask

So have you gotten "The Understanding between Foxes and Light" yet?  What do you think?  I think it's a monster of a book that really is a beautiful patch of sunflowers, burning.  Check out Kat Georges' poem "Three Body Problem".  It is epic.  It asks the question, "Is it regret in life to avoid killing all you hate?"  Questions our bodies need to ask.  Well please don't live in regret and not get this anthology.

We will be having our next book release this Wednesday the 28th August at Parkside Lounge. 317 East Houston St , New York, NY 10002, 7pm. Map and details

You should come, there will be prizes for books bought and brilliant poetry by Hala Alyan, Billy Cancel, Steve Dalachinsky, Kat Georges, Robert Gibbons, Aimee Herman, Ngoma, and Karl Roulston