Priscilla Atkins starts off "It's Animal but Merciful" with a soft scream

So my goal is to go through this anthology one piece of literature at a time for the blog every couple of days in order.  So the first poem in the book is a 3-lined doozie called "Marmalade" by Priscilla Atkins.  This poem just somehow felt right with opening this anthology.  With all we have been through with Brant and then having to change presses this poem just set off the right tone as to how we were feeling at the time.  Remember, this is a labor of love, no one is making money off of this with that said it was a rough year and the sounds of trees screaming seemed to represent this rough year to a tee.  

To get yourself a copy of "It's Animal but Merciful" by great weather for media, here is the link.