Paco, bibs, Exot and the blues

Hello's been awhile......we'd like to start off by thanking everyone and making our Great Weather mixer a Great Weather success so thank you and keep those submissions coming, you've got until April 30th to do so.  We'd also like to tell you about a great reading that is going to be happening Saturday, April 28th by The press Exot Books.  For those of you unfamiliar with this press, it was started by our friend R. Nemo Hill a couple of years ago and they are in the business of putting out some pretty fantastic chapbooks by some pretty fantastic poets like Rick Mullin, Adriana Scopino, Jay Choliuck and our very own Jane Ormerod to name a few.  This week they will be celebrating the new release of poet Paco Brown's new Chapbook "Blue Wins Forever."  Now I haven't seen the book yet but I know the poet rather well and I can say from experience that this poetry will not disappoint.  To me, Paco is a very metaphysical poet in a not so metaphysical world which to me is a great yearning contrast in his writing that always delivers.  Now I know Paco was really into form poetry and I'm not sure if that's part of his new book but I assure you if it is, for all you non-formalists, I think you will be surprised at how Paco's poetry transcends that.  So please, April 28th at the Jujo Mukti Tea Lounge on 4th st and Ave B, NYC.  Show starts at 5pm.  Remember to wear a bib, it is bound to get messy......and the best kind of poetry is the poetry that you can't help but get all over yourself.