Tom Waits writing hump

Good Monday to you all......just want to remind everyone that March 3rd Great Weather's Spoken Word Sunday presents Tom Waits.  Well not actually him but we are having a reading in his honor.  So there will be no feature so everyone gets 10 minutes on the mic granted you brought a piece about Tom Waits or brought in his lyrics to read as a poem, as long as you follow that criteria you can have 10 minutes on mic and you can still read some other poems that are unrelated.  For those coming to this reading without Tom Waits related material you will only get 3 minutes, no if's, and's or but's.  To get some of you over this Tom Waits writing hump consider the form of the Bop.  It is a poetic form where you take a line of a song and use it as a refrain in your poem.  This is a great way to incorporate Tom Waits into your poetry.  Well anyway hope to see you all there Sunday, March 3rd, Parkside Lounge, 317 Houston and Attorney, 4-6pm, $2 dollar suggested donation.