knocking your socks off and helping you put them on again

Good day to all fellow poets and writers.  This Sunday, the 13th we will be having our first open mic reading at the legendary Parkside Grill on 317 Houston and Attorney.  Please go to the back room for reading.  It is from 4pm-6pm.  The only fee is that you patronize the bar, other than that, no fee required.  This shall be our new home and I hope you find it to be a home as well especially for the children we call our poems.  We have two amazing features for you Todd Anderson and Drew Boston.  They will knock your socks off and help you put them back on again.  

Here are the bios:

Todd Anderson is a 24-year-old human still searching for his true purpose. In the meantime he uses poetry to plumb the depths of his soul and also to make laugh with silly word pictures. He is the producer of the Poetry Observed video series and can be found online at

Drew Boston is studying English Lit at NYU and is the author of the self published chapbook, Elvis at 21.  He grew up in the Washington DC area.


So we hope to see you this Sunday for poetry fun and please remember we are still accepting poetry, fiction and non-fiction submissions till Jan. 31st.  Just go to for guidelines.