improv is the new poetry and poetry is the new laughter

Watching someone in the moment of creation is the best poetry.  Last night at the Magnet Theatre located on 29th st. and 8th avenue, there was another installment of Kiss, Punch, Poem which I took part in with fellow poets Meaghan Plunkett, John Paul Davis and Corrina Bain and then improvers from the Magnet Theatre company improved rainbows to allow our poems wings and sunlight.  This event is something that I am so proud of and all about.  Reading poems and then having people act them out in a comical and thought-provoking way is remarkable and adds all these layers of depth you didn't quite see before.  The improvers are the real stars as the poets are more of the script and stage direction.  The improvers were made up of Alex Marino, Elana Fishbein, Louis Kornfeld, Nathan Peterman and Beth Newell.  Improv is the new poetry and poetry is the new laughter.  The next Kiss, Punch, Poem will be at the Magnet Theatre, March 25th at 9:30.