If you ever wanted to know what Robert DeNiro's penis looks like check out the movie "1900"

Italian cinema is pretty interesting and insane and that is very apparent in Bernardo Bertolucci's epic 5 hour movie called "1900".  The 5 hours will not fly by but you won't regret seeing this movie about Italian politics from 1900 to 1945.  The political statements of the movie are inspiring but the way they pull it off is a little out dated but that's 1979 for you, the year in which the movie came out.  This movie has an NC-17 rating and when you see it you'll know why, from DeNiro getting a handjob to the smashing in of a young boy's skull this movie has got something for the whole family.  This movie also stars Burt Lancaster, Gerard Depardieu (before he became ugly) and Donald Sutherland at his evilest best.  If you have a whole night to kill and you want your creativity level spiked this movie is the way to go, but it is something you have to engross yourself in.  It's not a movie to watch while facebooking or texting, in other words it's not a movie like today's American Cinema.