I like when poets crack my ribs

Good day to all our fine-feathered writer friends.  So just a few things to touch on, you have 2 more days to submit poetry, fiction or non-fiction to us.  The deadline is January 31st.  Please go to greatweatherformedia.com for submission guidelines. So our Great Weather Spoken Word Sunday's seem to be making an impact on the poetry community.  We would like to thank all of you for that.  Each reading has been better than the next and we've been getting alot of fabulous open mic'ers burning the payment and cracking our ribs.  I like when poets crack my ribs.  Those are the best poems.  And this sunday we have a great rib cracker for you in the form of Jaime Martin who is a mix of nerdom, comic books and George Carlin.  Now  WE KNOW Sunday is the superbowl but this reading will end early enough for you to get home and yell at your TV's.  The reading is from 4-6pm at 317 Houston and Attorney, Parkside Grill.

And finally, please remember Sunday March 3rd is Tom Waits day at our Great Weather open mic.  Please bring in Tom Waits related work and Tom Waits songs that you can perform as poems.  There is no feature for this event so the open mic'ers will have some time so please share in this special event and in the music of this extraordinary talent.