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Bob Hart - Before Passing
Bob Hart - Before Passing

great weather for MEDIA is excited to announce that our next anthology will be called, Before Passing.

Yes, yes, we agree, it is a great title and thank you for saying so. We actually got the title from a poem by long time friend and inspiration Bob Hart who passed away August 2014. Bob Hart was such a big influence in who we are as writers and artists and for some reason the anthology seems to feel like he is guiding over it. Now this isn't saying that there is a Bob Hart theme here but something clicked when we started reading some of his unpublished work. You can feel his light in the room while we talk about the anthology. It feels good. So good in fact that we want to let you in on the great Bob Hart and his work. Since the title for the anthology comes from a Bob Hart poem called, "In Passing Before Passing" we thought let's put the original hand-written poem on the cover. But we wanted something more than that, something that reflected what his words could do for someone else's art. So we are holding a contest for any artist or photographer or whatever for the cover of our next anthology, Before Passing. 

In this post you will find the original hand-written copy of Bob's poem. We ask that you include the title and the first four lines (in their hand written format) into your design. So please include the original title and the lines, "Some of the leaves are dark oily green./ It is a September summer/too in breath to be afraid to die/ dyed a browner color before falling." Wow, we know right, now you understand, he was a fantastic poet.

The contest will end on March 15th 2015. You can choose any art media: photography, collage, drawing, paint etc., and the design can be for the front cover or it can wrap around to include the back. We'll add our logo, bar code, blurb for the back cover, and the title if not clear on the chosen design.

Click on the button below for full details and to submit. We can't wait to see your work!